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Last night when I came home from work, I told my son about you, KFld, and your son. I will quote to you his exact words. " Ma, tell her to drug test him every day and threaten to kick him out if he fails." I had to laugh when he said it. This is the kid who was doing so much heroin, that last August he passed out at the wheel of his new car that his father had given him, crossed the yellow lines, sideswiped the car coming towards him and then hit a tree and wasn't even hurt. My son also told me last night that he will drug test his girl if he feels she is using.

A few weeks after my son detoxed, he was home alone one morning and he heard voices in the driveway. He went to the door and saw two guys coming up to the steps with ski masks on, screaming at him to let them in. He ran from the door to find the phone and when he did they took off. He thinks they thought that he might have been going for a gun (which we do not have). He called the police and then me and I went home. He didn't recognize them but he was honest with the police and told them that the guys were probably after drugs. We live in a small town where everyone knows who's doing what. This scared him a lot. Also a few weeks before my son detoxed, one of his friends, who also did Oxy's, committed suicide. This also frightened my son. It really brought the reality of the situation he was in home.

I buy the drug tests on line. I bought 50 opiate tests at $1.99 each. I know they are accurate because I tested them on myself so that my son couldn't try to tell me they weren't (I actually took a vicodin and tested myself every 8 hours after I took it). I think when I bought so many it really convinced my son I was serious.

I still don't completely trust him. I think it will be a long time before I do. My son also found it very easy to lie even when he was young. I think he too would end up believing his own lies

KFld, You have it harder than I did because of the girlfriend aspect of it. It must be hard for you to see him with a girl who is in the situation she is in and such a little manipulator. It's unbelievable that she would tell the police that you and your husband were doing drugs. I too worry when my son walks out the door. I can control what happens at home but when he is out there he is on his own.

Scared Wife,

I have been following your story too. My son was diagnosed as being Bi Polar. But he was diagnosed when he was doing heroin and opiates. Now that he is off them, his psychiatrist doesn't feel that he is truly Bi Polar.
My son won't go to NA meetings. He has convinced himself that so many of the people that go are court ordered and doing drugs in the parking lot. He doesn't want to run into any of the people he was dealing with. I then insisted he see a drug addiction therapist so he has been doing that.

But with my son it is the drug testing that keeps him straight and the thought of not being able to live at home.

I have to get back to work now. Thanks everyone. :angel:

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