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Hi everyone, I have posted before about tramadol weaning and my addiction to percocet. I know that this is a long post, but I would appreciate your advice and support as I wean from percocet. Am I weaning to fast or too slow? Should I keep a stockpile for pain flares? Am I weaning correctly? I truly appreciate your opinions. Thanks in advance for taking the time to post.

I am a recovering alcoholic. I got sober when I was 28 and am now 44. I have fibromyalgia which is a chronic pain condition, with muscular pain flares and difficulty sleeping.
I am willing to wean off of percocet. I want to get off of it after being on it for a year because I don’t have that much pain daily like I used to, and I use it to feel euphoric. I always cheat in the evening and take an extra 5 or 10 mg.

I am tired of being on it, having to take it or having pain from withdrawal if I am late taking it. I don’t want to be addicted to it and be on it anymore. I am an addict and it scares me. I also want to lose weight and I think my combination of pain meds has caused me to binge eat. I have gained 45 lbs in 1 year, going from 120 to 165. I eat all evening out of control and even get up in the middle of the night to eat. I never did this, I rarely thought about food before I got sick and got on all these medications. I also am tired of having to remember to take my percocet with me, not being able to drive because I cannot pay attention, and being high around my family every night.

I know it will be hard to give up. My doctor gives me 42 a week and my husband takes ½ to 1 a day also. I don’t know if I should stock pile for pain flares until the end of May. I don’t know if I could stand to have it in the house and if my husband would stay out of it also. I see a counselor which is helping me get through this. I also see a psych once a month.

(FYI q = hour, and bid is twice a day, tid is 3 x a day, hs is at bedtime.)
At onset I was put on 600 mg neurontin q5, 50mg tramadol q5, flexeril 5 hs, and percocet increased over the last year to 1, 1, 1½, ½ and ½ hs. I have been able to cut the neurontin to 1/8th pill and tramadol to 12.5 mg and only at bedtime. It took a long time to wean. I have tried to cut the percocet but I always give in in the evenings. I really don’t like being messed up during the day,even though I could because I am at home all day.

So my Present meds are: 10 mg percocet am and again 5 hours later, then 1 ½, and 2hours later ½ and bedtime a ½ I keep playing with the percocet because it makes me feel good in the evenings. Every now and then I even take extra, like on Friday nights.
I also take Neurontin 1/8th of a 600 mg hs, ¼ tramadol hs, 2.5 flex hs, lamictal 200 mg hs, colace hs, wellbutrin 150 sr 2 in the morning and 1 five hours later, xanax 0.5 qid and 2.0 hs. (I have been on the wb, xanax, and lamictal same dose for about 5 years for bipolar disorder, I don’t plan to cut these right now. Eventually will wean from xanax) Abilify 10 mg. am.

Percocet wean with caffeine wean (so I can sleep through withdrawals)
5/5 TODAY I AM GOING TO TAKE 1 ¾ 3/4 ¼ AT BED, q 5. 1 ½ coffee, 1 c tea, 8 oz soda
6FRI 3/4 ¾ ¾ ¼ q 6. 1 1/2 coffee, 1c tea, 4 oz soda
7 Sat 1/2 ½ ½ ¼ q 6 start flexeril 5 mg at night for next 2 weeks. 1 mug cof ½ tea no soda
8Sun same ½ ½ ½ q 6, flex 5 hs. 1 CUPcof , ½ cup tea
9Mon 1/2 ½ ½ q 6, flex 5 hs 1 cof ½ tea
10Tues 1/2 q6 tid, flex 5 hs. ½ cof ½ tea
11Wed 1/2 q6 tid, flex 5 hs ½ cof ½ tea
12Thurs 1/2 q 6 tid, flex 5 hs. ¼ coffee and ¼ tea
13Fri 1/2 q 6 tid, flex 5 hs. ¼ coffee and ¼ tea
14Sat 1/2 q 6 tid. ¼ cof and ¼ tea
15Sun 1/2 q 6 tid. ¼ cof and decaf tea
16Mon 1/2 q6 tid, aleve, Tylenol, aspirin to start and visit college ¼ coffee 6 hour drive each way. To start period.
stop caffeine17 Recover from trip.Tues 1/2 q 6, otc pain relievers prn 0 coffee no caffeine
18Wed 1/2 bid, aleve tid, ½ tramadol qid
19Thurs 1/2 am aleve tid, 1/2tramadol qid
stop percocet!!!!20Fri aleve, tyl, aspirin, 1/2 tram qid, 300 neurontin qid, 5 mg flex qid. Stay in bed, try to sleep, lots of water, 0 caffeine, 7 up, decaf tea,
21Sat same
22Sun same
23Mon same
24Tues aleve and ¼ tram and 300 neuron tid 5 flex only hs
25 wed aleve and ¼ tram bid, 150 neuron tid, 5 flex hs
26 thurs aleve tid and ¼ tram and 150 neuron tid in am 5 flex hs
27aleve bid ¼ tram and 150 neurontin bid try 2.5 flexeril from now on.
28 aleve 2 in the morning if needed ¼ tram and 150 neuron.
29 aleve prn and ¼ tram and 1/8 neurontin hs
What am I going to do with all of the percocet? Will it be too tempting to have it in the house? I just want it for when the pain is an 8 or more, but that rarely happens anymore. Well, probably because of the percocet. Other people live with chronic pain without taking narcotics.

Thank you for your help.

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