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Have you started your detox yet? If you did yesturday, then you should feel pretty sick by now. If not I could give the break down of what you may feel during your detox. It's not all that bad there's a lot of people who've done it, including me.

After about 12 hours from your last hit, there would be headaches, yawning, sneezing and cravings. Not too bad-yet.

At around 24 hours into it; there would be leg cramping, nausea, restlessness, sweating and chills. Kinda like having the flu

About 36 hours into it; there would be extrem cravings, vomiting, diarhia, more sweating and no sleep. At this point most would quit, try to hang in there, there's worse to come, sorry.

48 hours to 72 hours; its the same symtoms, but with more severity. Insanity sets in at this piont. You will feel like this will never end. It will eventually, so keep on hanging in there.

After 72 hours the wd's starts to go away and it is more managable to deal with. At this piont you will feel pretty determine to get over this and start to fell proud of yourself for making it this far.

By the 96th hour you should start to feel better and be able to sleep some. You will be weak, but a least you won't be vomiting and crapping all the time.

You will still have the cravings, they won't ever go away you'll have to learn how to deal with them. Most be people go to NA meetings for dealing with the cravings.

You will feel depress for several weeks after you detoxed, it will take a long time before you will feel normal again. If you make it past the withdrawls and stay away from all drugs, it actually becomes harder to stay clean. So at this point you need to have a sponsor or a drug councellor or even a phycologist to help you deal with life's issue being clean and sobor.

There, that shall cover it. There are plenty of info out there that has great advice on what to take and do during detox.

Here's some pointers: hot baths, mussel relaxers, hot tea, petmobismal, lots of water, fresh fruits, sleeping aids, hot and cold wraps, TV, books and inner strength to contiue to go through this.

I wish you the best of luck in your detox and let us know how you are doing.


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