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This is Katie's mom. She is going to the hospital tomorrow to detox. She is so scared and while I try to help her and tell her it will be ok I'm not sure I am saying the right things to her. I mean, it is easy for me to say that it will be ok and she will do fine but I'm not walking in her shoes. She knows that it will be the toughest fight of her life and she's ready to do it but she is scared to death.

This last week has been really tough for her. We went to her sister's graduation from dental school on Friday. She did so good! I was so proud of her! She smiled and kept her chin up until the early evening and then she just lost it. She cried and cried. At that point, my husband took her back home which was 3 hours away and I stayed to help my daughter that graduated.

The one thing I don't understand is 2 weeks ago when this whole thing started and I took her the doctor he prescribed her Oxycontin 40 mg twice a day to get her through school and her sisters graduation. She was on oxycodone. She had been on Paxil for over a year and the doctor cut the dose in half and that was stopped 4 days ago. She is going through some pretty bad withdrawl even with the oxycontin. I don't know if it is not a high enough dose since she is withdrawing so bad or if going off the antidepressant is causing some of it. I know SSRI's are pretty difficult to stop taking. I told her today that maybe she was taking more oxycodone that she thought she was and that with 80 mg of oxycontin maybe that is more like a taper. I don't know if I am making any sense?

I will talk to the doctor tomorrow when she is admitted to the hospital but just wondered if any of you have had this same thing happen. The other thing I need help with is after she is done with the hospital stay they want her to go to inpatient treatment center. The one that the doctor wants her to go to is pretty far from where we live and my husband and I don't want her to go there. It is 20,000 and insurance doesn't cover it. I found another place that is closer to home that I think she would be more comfortable there. It has more kids her age which I know would help her. I am not sure insurance will cover it either but they are going to check with our insurance company tomorrow.

I just wondered if everyone thinks that you can do just as good staying at home and going to a therapist every day? That by far would be the cheapest method but we want to do whats best for her. Our medical bills are already so high that I worry about paying for it. We will do whatever it takes for her to get better but it is hard knowing what the right thing is to do.

I feel that she needs to go somewhere where they do a dual diagnosis treatment instead of just for the addiction to pain killers. She has been depressed for a couple years and I am pretty sure that she was taking the pain pills for her headaches but also for the depression. Although the pain pills were just making her more depressed and scared. I know she needs the treatment for the depression just as much for the addiction.

I do get worried because even at the 80 mg of Oxycontin her body is withdrawing so much. What will she feel like when it is completely taken away from her? How soon will it be before she feels like a human being? She told me today that she is so worried because people on the board have written that they still feel terrible 20-30 days later. How long does it take before the body becomes use to no pain meds? Do you think some of her discomfort is from her being so scared and nervous of the unknown?

I am so sorry for asking so many questions but I am so worried about her. It's not that she wants to take them anymore because she doesn't and knows they are her enemy but her body is telling her a whole different story. Thanks for letting me blab and blab. I am nervous too. I just want her to be healthy again and be happy. I will be with her every step of the way and I just hope I am strong enough. I had a long talk with the man upstairs the other day and told him that the priest says that he only gives you as much as you can handle and when you can't handle anymore he will take over. I hope he is right because I am not sure we can handle much more.

Thanks to all of you on the board for your support. I will let you know how the week goes. Please say lots of prayer for her ok. Lots of love to everyone from me and Katie.

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