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Bipolar Girl, you asked if pain pills are as hard to come off of as the psychiatric drugs. Are you taking pain pills as well? You just need to take it slow, I wish I could give you advice about your psychiatric drugs but I have no experience in that area, I can talk to you about opiates. Drug dependence is a bich, I know that much. Just try to re-frame the way you look at your life, and your problems. Surely, you have blessings that you can count no? Try to focus on them rather than wasting your energy on negativity. Look at your situation as an opportunity for personal improvement. When I find I'm getting bored and would like to take some percocet or something, I try to focus on my inner being, being alone should be looked at as a time for personal reflection, "sanctuary" there is always a silver lining to be found in most situations that seem hopeless.

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