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Re: Help Please....
May 13, 2005
My doctor was not one of those vulture types. I only had to go a couple times for appointments and he gave me a script. He also had samples of Subutex and gave me a bottle of 30. I do not see him everytime I needed a refill.

Now, regarding the sub witdrawals. Everyone on here went from a lot of sub to nothing and considered it a taper. For instance, many have "jumped off" at 1mg or even 2mg. THis is A LOT OF OPIAte!! 2mgs of sub is the same amount of opiate as 60mgs of Morphine. So they were jumping off of this much. Of course wd's will be awful from such a high dose. .3 mgs is equal to 10mgs of Morphine so even this is a high dose. I am now almost at .3, but I will keep tapering even more. THe doctor told me that if I go low enough and slow enough the withdrawals will be very minor. Now I have 2mg tablets. He said to taper until I am using a small little piece of powder and then try to take smaller amounts of this, even a spec. I guess you just need to see a doctor you can trust. My doctor has specialized in addiction for over 25 years. He is retiring in August, so that is my goal. To be done with it by August. In the meantime it is no big deal to take less than one pill a day. At least compared to the handfulls I had to swallow, every four hours, just to feel normal. What a crock that was!! The sub. allowed me to see the addiction for what it was. Enough said.
The gentleman who is an attorney should probably see his doctor and get some meds to help him through a CT. If he takes a weekend and has some benzo's and clonidine and something to help him sleep, he will be done with it all in less than a week. I feel that sub is for someone who has not been able to quit and has relapsed over and over, like me.

Good Luck, find a doctor you trust and use Suboxone as your last resort NOT your first.

emily's mom :angel:

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