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[COLOR=RoyalBlue]Hi Jensgt,
Welcome to the boards and nice to meet you. I am going to add some thoughts to your post. Although I cant say for sure if my thought apply to your boyfriend and his father, I'm going to post them anyway. [/COLOR]
My boyfriend is 21. His dad is an alcoholic, who drinks every night and is really quiet and mostly stays to himself. Hes a nice guy and holds up a job and doesnt seem to have any problems healthwise but Im there every day pretty much and he comes in the kitchen once or twice a night to get some of his drink.

[COLOR=RoyalBlue]You say your BF's dad is an alcoholic. Is this self proclaimed or said by his son, your boyfriend? Some alcholics are very quiet and we stay by ourselves in active drinking. During my active drinking, I was somewhat a "funtioning alcoholic". I went to work everday and hid my secret pretty darn well ! I'm a nice "guy" (woman) as well. [/COLOR]

When I met my boyfriend almost 2 years ago he wasnt into drinking at all. Once he turned 21 we were at the beach and he got drunk, drank a little too much and threw up. Since then hes had a bad habit of not knowing his limits and has thrown up about 8 times in the last year. To me this seems like somebody not learning their lesson but Im not sure if its more typical than it seems, I only have thrown up twice from drinking and I am 25, but I just cant enjoy it anymore. I hate the feeling of being too drunk. I also had a close family friend die of alcoholism and it worries me that my bf's dad has this problem even though it doesnt seem to be affecting him much.

[COLOR=RoyalBlue]Not knowing our limits when drinking is a big sign of alcoholism. Sure, teenagers while experimenting will go overboard and throw up, but doing this over and over again and not taking "ownership" is not a good sign. [/COLOR]

So Im just a little confused as to whether Im overanalyzing this situation. I guess I have grown out of the drink till youre silly drunk thing, and he is only 21 so maybe it just doesnt bother him. We only drink 1 time a week at his sisters house we have Coronas and play cards. We used to do a thursday night 6 pack thing but he stopped wanting to do that. So he does turn down alcohol, and it has never interfered with his job or life in any way other than the fact that he throws up.

[COLOR=RoyalBlue] Some alcoholics can go days, weeks, months and not pick up. There called binge drinkers. I knew a woman that would drink every 6 weeks or so and when she did , watch out. [/COLOR]

He always just says "I wasnt sick, I was just dehydrated" or "I think I ate the wrong thing today". Never trying to admit that he threw up because he drank too much. Thats bothersome to me, but I also know that he hates to be nagged about it.

[COLOR=RoyalBlue] Denial as to why he is throwning up and the white elephant syndrome, its there, but I dont want to talk about it. [/COLOR]

Should I worry about this? I feel like if he were becoming an alcoholic he would want to drink more often...but I just dont get how he doesnt learn his limits with it. I guess alot of 21 year olds can be this way. But Im just not sure exactly what to think.

[COLOR=RoyalBlue]Again, some alcoholics dont drink everyday and can go awile between drunks. I cant tell you whether you should worry about this or not because I dont know your BF personally. Even then, an alcoholic in early stages is pretty darn good at covering up and denial. The fact that there is concern that his dad is an alcoholic, is a major strike against your BF. I forgotten the odds but if one parent is an alcoholic, the chance that the offspring is or can become one is much, much greater. Stick around these boards for a while, and ask some more questions if you like. Again, nice to meet you. [/COLOR]

Edited to add, I am an alcoholic.

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