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Hi Holly~
Welcome to the boards!
When I was first prescribed Ultram, it was described to me like this: though not an opiate itself, ultram binds to the same receptors in the brain as opiates do. Kind of "fools the brain" so to speak. It also has some Seritonin inhibitors similar to those found in the SSRI antidepressants. I was told that it was not addicting and safer for recovering addicts to use. Alot of us here on the boards have not found Ultram to be "not addicting".

I have been in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction for many years, and have been on Ultram for about 2. I find it to be very helpful for the chronic pain issues I was left with following my cancer surgery and treatments. I have also come to learn, especially from reading this board that it is in fact extremely difficult to come off of, and w/d can be even worse than some of the opiates! I am one of the lucky ones who has kept my dose very, very low @ 100mg.a day, lower than is prescribed to me by my doctor. This is in spite of a frequent (and sometimes strong) desire to take more. Even still - I find it tough when I try to take any less than my 2 per day usual dose. I feel it! sometimes I think I need to take them just to ward off the funky feeling of withdrawal- not a good feeling for someone in recovery!

That being said, and as long as you are informed (I recommend doing a search here on Ultram and you will learn a lot!) I think there might be some advantages over the opiates, I know for me there was, as opiates were my doc, (drug of choice) and I'm not remembering any other reasons for taking them over the opiates, other than there is very minimal "euphoric feeling" from it. Some people experience none. Less appealing to abuse, but yet it can still over take you! You might want to discuss this with your doctor and please do read these boards- there is a lot of experience shared here about ultram.

Also, there is nothing wrong with posting/reading both boards to learn even more and hear prespectives of other chronic pain sufferers. Though I occasionally read the pm board as well, my primary life problem and killer disease was my disease of addiction. Even though I have legitimate pain issues in my sober life, I always, first and foremost, must maintain a set of guidelines that will keep me from spiraling out of control. Very easy for this addict to do! Btw, I have also read that Ultram can also be helpful with restless leg-
I wish you the best, do keep posting and let us know how you are!

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