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Well, yesterday I took my last lortab around noon. I have stopped cold turkey before, I've had the sweating while being cold and that horrible crap, at least I don't have that, but I do feel like I want to jump out of my skin. I didn't sleep very well last night. This sucks. Just thought I'd vent a little bit.

You said you have gone CT before, how many times?? I went CT many times, I also favored Lortab. But, finally I realized that I needed help. I went on Suboxone with an excellent, kind addiction doctor. To make a long story short. If you have been addicted for a long time, I recommend that you find an addiction doc. He will examine and talk with you. Then, he will present options. I know that the Suboxone-Subutex saved my life.

If you go on Sub., it is like a window has opened to the light. You gradually are able to see life without drugs as a real goal. It breaks the habit cycle of thinking about where to get your next script, doctor shopping, spending a lot of money for online scripts. These things had been my life for way too long.

I started with 2, 8mgs. tablets a day, I maintained for a while on this, which really allowed me to no longer spend time thinking about getting the drug, taking the drug, needing more and more of the drug, and panicing when I began to run low.

I have tapered in the last month from 2mgs to less than .3mgs. But this is still a very high dose. It is equal to almost 10mg of morphine per day. So, I am tapering as slow as I can and having no problems at all.

This may not be the route that you want to take, but after reading what others have gone through quitting CT, I am very happy for this alternative. Anyone who has had to "quit" more than once can benefit from the sub. For the physical well-being of course (no withdrawals), but, mainly for the Psychological. Your body and mind are able to let go of the drug at your own pace. A bonus is, if you do get tempted and take an opiate, the sub. blocks any effect. So, you would have to basically "plan" a relapse.

Good Luck,
emily's mom ;)

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