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Re: Gave in
May 23, 2005
Dearest Lady Pieces, (I made a mistake and addressed this to VG. so very sorry!)

If you can, see an addiction doc. and get on Suboxone. You sound a bit like me. I quit many, many times, but my dad had many major surgeries and I was able to get them from him. He had everything from Vicodin to Oxycontin and morphine and I actually STOLE them from him.

Well, that was enough. I saw the addiction doc. and he put me on the Sub. that day. It has worked miracles. Not only are you free of ANY withdrawals, but even if you take a few pills, (ie Vicodin or other opiates) the effect is blocked. So, it's a big waste of time.

We habitual relapsers are the people who do benefit from Sub. Tell your doc the absolute truth and he will be able to help you. Oh, and don't be in a big rush to get off the Sub. as staying on it for a few months will break the habit of taking the drugs, doctor shopping, searching online, etc. Believe me three months from now you could be drug fee and happy. I am.

emily's mom

Lady Pieces....are you still around?? I know you can still make it, let us hear from you ok???

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