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Migraines. Introduced to Fioricet w/cod 30mg. Take two to stop headache. Then three. Then sometimes 4/5 in a day. Been going on since April 2004. Below represents the number taken in one day with each number being a different day. Beginning 6May05 to 22May05.
1 Right at this point I feel 'weird'-sorta freakin' out
1 Actually, don't feel too awful bad on this day
1 Not feeling as good as I'd like to, cannot sleep
0 Felt terribly bad in the evening, no sleep, none at all
5 In the morning felt like I was going nuts, freakin out bigtime,diarrhea. After taking the 3rd on this afternoon I began to feel 'better'
5 From here down I've been feeling really terrible till I take the medicine.
3 This day I've felt bad all day. Took one 5mg valium, and then ate something and feel much better.

Seems like the valium helps as I've used it during the week where I used only 1 F daily. Eating food actually seems to make me feel better. Sleep seems to be a luxury, when it happens. Some of the dreams are terrible nightmares.

I have to stop this 'yesterday'. I exercise and that too seems to help. Is there a plan of escaping this monster without it noticing I'm leaving it behind?

Please. Is the 'taper' method best? By my numbers above what would ya'll recommend? On that day above where I'd used '0', the next day I had a bad bad bad headache..........and that's why I even took the eventual 5.........which started with 3 to stop the headache and then the 2 extra later.

Could I just CT with this and use valium to calm me down?

Ok........someone send an angel my way and get these tears out of my eyes and this demon off my back. I am so very weary.

Hi Jim,

If you can taper down, this is the way to go. The first few days with NO Fioricet will not be pleasant, you CAN get thru it. You DO NOT want to CT this drug. You can have a seizure. I was addicted to it for about a year and a half. I had Vicodin to help me with some of the w/d's. I'm sure the Valium will help w/ the anxiety (sp?). but this obviously will not help with the headaches. I was up to 10 per day....I started by cutting down 1 pill per day. Excedrin Migraine also helps.

You CAN do this........I was in the same boat you are in, but I am off the Fioricet now. You will be fine. Are you taking any kind of preventive meds for your migraines? I'm taking Inderal LA, very effective in cutting my migraines down. Let me know how you are demon is now Soma's for my back.............darn those litte pills............I will be praying for you :)


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