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Hi Ukonom,

Sorry for the 'lil joke, I couldn't help it. I recently posted a new thread about a drug by the name of "Buspar", aka. Buspirone, no relation to Buprenorphene, which is sub.

Anyway, I read in a British Medical Journal about Addiction, a recent article regarding the comparison of clonidine and Buspar for withdrawals.
The Buspar in doses fromn 15 mg to 30 mg won hands down for easing wd's.
Buspar is a totally NON ADDICTIVE med. for anxiety. I am not really sure how it works, but I have taken it before when I did not want to take Xanax (an addictive anti anx. med) You can stop it on a dime and there are no effects. I was wondering if this would get rid of your lingering wd's. I have read before that some drugs collect in the fat of our bodies and take a while to disapear, but I don't know if this includes opiates. If you have a doctor, please ask him about this drug. Apparently, it got rid of withdrawals in a study comparing Clonidine and Buspar. The study was trying to find a non addictive help for addicts. Just FYI
emily's mom :p
LOL.....that was pretty funny! Today is Day 39 for me. I have a good couple of days and the sneezing is minimal now, only real symptons I have had are watery eyes, which I can't figure out. This Buspar sounds very interesting.....and if I had it to do all over again, I would look into it.
I agree that opiates will stay in your body in the tissues, and that may be what I'm dealing with...........still, my energy is starting to come back, and the weather seems to be helping my attitude. I've had minimal cravings, so that is good, sleep has been wonderful. Let us know if you go the Buspar route if you have any problems getting off the sub. I'm very curious. Well, Sneezy out!

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