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Hi Ukonom,

Sorry for the 'lil joke, I couldn't help it. I recently posted a new thread about a drug by the name of "Buspar", aka. Buspirone, no relation to Buprenorphene, which is sub.

Anyway, I read in a British Medical Journal about Addiction, a recent article regarding the comparison of clonidine and Buspar for withdrawals.
The Buspar in doses fromn 15 mg to 30 mg won hands down for easing wd's.
Buspar is a totally NON ADDICTIVE med. for anxiety. I am not really sure how it works, but I have taken it before when I did not want to take Xanax (an addictive anti anx. med) You can stop it on a dime and there are no effects. I was wondering if this would get rid of your lingering wd's. I have read before that some drugs collect in the fat of our bodies and take a while to disapear, but I don't know if this includes opiates. If you have a doctor, please ask him about this drug. Apparently, it got rid of withdrawals in a study comparing Clonidine and Buspar. The study was trying to find a non addictive help for addicts. Just FYI
emily's mom :p

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