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May 26, 2005
Hey folks-
I'm running into Day 42 here soon. Energy is slowly coming back, and residuals are fairly minor. It has been a long 42 days. I wanted to thank everyone that supported me through this long withdrawal. I will be checking in, but I'm heading out to do the thing I'm really addicted to....the great outdoors!
I will be backpacking for the next 14 days covering roughly 120 miles in some beautiful wilderness. Just me and my wolves. They carry packs also. School is out, and I have been waiting for summer break, no more teaching for 3 months. I wasn't able to backpack last year (first year in 30 years) due to chemotherapy treatments, and I'm way overdue. Not bad...beating Cancer and Hydro all in one year!
As far as the residuals go; I think it is safe to say I will be sweating them out fairly soon. It can get pretty rigorous when your billy-goating the trails. Can't wait to sit by an alpine lake in the evening next to a warming fire, communing with nature, trout in the titanium pan (high on life, not meds). This is what I live for....not Norco. All good things to those who wait......right!
To those going through the withdrawals..........your tougher than you know! It does get easier each day..........check on my most recent posts to see what I would've done different. While I'm not 100% yet, I will be soon. I wish you all luck in fighting this can do it.
I will check in from time to time when I get out of the hills, to see how many of you "won the battle". Do whatever it takes. I never missed an hour of work throughoout my ordeal, coming off a 20+ Norco a day habit. It can be done. Sure I felt horrible, but I deserved every bit of it. Its safe to say I will never be returning to that hell again. This board has been tremendously helpful, and seems to have a high recovery rate. The people here are very special, you folks don't know how important it was to check the board and have someone telling you good job! It helped me psycholigically.
Whatever route you choose to get clean.....stick with the plan and you will be rewarded. Hour by hour, day by day!
To the oldtimers- please continue your support for the people that are have so much to offer, especially if you have stayed clean. I know it gets redundant, but your experiences help others. Always remember that you were where they are at not so long ago.
Nice thing about going into the hills and mountaineering is that there are no OP's, UPS/Fedex Trucks, Doctors, or pharmacies. The cravings are out
of luck! Well my friends, thanks again.............!!
:wave: Ukonom

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