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[COLOR=Sienna][FONT=Comic Sans MS]I am on day 4 of percocet withdrawal. Even though I tapered, I still feel so tired and achey. I am so lazy and the time just drags by like when you have the flu but can't sleep and don't want to eat. I too thought I would be feeling better by now. Just when I get a bit of relief and I think the w/d is gone, it comes back and kicks me in a** again.

My pills are still in the house. My husband is taking them. I am getting one more refill for him so he can taper too. I don't crave them, but I almost went to get one out of habit when I started feeling achey in my hands (again). He has to work! I cannot imagine feeling like this and having to be at work dealing with people all day.

I think the pain is worth it though. I needed to whine a bit and it is SO good to know that there are people around who are going thru this or have gone thru it. I don't ever want to be on any opiates ever again. I will be having surgery this summer and I am asking for a toradol drip and NO OPIATES on my chart in big letters. I am so afraid they will give me morphine or some narcotic and I will be on this s*** again.

I didn't realize how much percs changed me. I was almost always in a good mood with lots of energy. (The L Tyrosine helps me alot, even though I have felt down, I haven't slipped into deep depression.)

On July 1 about 3 weeks after this taper, I am tapering xanax which I have been on for about 9 years. I am only tapering by a half a pill a day and then to quarters. Slow taper.

I just want to be benzo and narcotic free. There are still meds I take for depression and fibromyalgia, but they are not addicting. I know I need them.

I could barely wash my hair today and didn't even take a shower. It takes so much effort to just make the bed. OK I will stop whining now. It will be so nice to come out on the other side of this. I hope I never forget what it feels like. Thanks for the help out there and lets keep posting. I will check this thread each day.


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