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[COLOR=Sienna][FONT=Comic Sans MS]Hi Tonnie,

You are right where you are supposed to be right now in your recovery. You have hit bottom you are being honest about your addiction. You know that you need help. Please call the mental health number on the back of your insurance card. NO ONE will know that you went except for you and that doctor. You can recover without going into a rehab-they will refer you to NA or AA anyway so go ahead and give it a chance. Just go and listen and get some phone numbers of some women that you can call. You do not have to do this alone. You are not unique or a bad person. You have a physical craving and a mental obsession to use.

From "Serenity, A Companion for Twelve Step Recovery" and printed with permission:
Admitting powerlessness is absolutely essential to breaking the addiction cycle, which is made up of five points:
1) Pain
2) Reaching out to an addictive agent, such as drugs, alcohol, food, sex, work, or dependent relationships to salve our pain.
3) Temporary anaesthesia
4) Negative consequences
5) Shame and guilt, which result in more pain or low self esteem

The 2 factors that keep the addiction cycle spinning are:
1) The fear of withdrawal and
2) denial

Hitting bottom forces us to admit our powerlessness over our addictive life-styles. The 3 major botoms we may hit are:
1) a physical botttom
2) an emotional bottom
3) a spiritual bottom

Common specific examples of "bottoms" that precipitate recovery include:
1) a marital crisis
2) a physical crisis - illness
3) Confrontation by a family member or loved one
4) Job or Home problem that forces one to look at one's addiction
5) a financial crisis
6) a spiritual crisis, a feeling of alienation from God

The addiction cycle, as a rule, cannot be broken w/o yielding to a Power outside ourselves.

I hope and pray that you will pray and ask for help, go to an AA or NA meeting and call and get the help you need.

Keep posting, no matter what.


(I have been sober and clean for 11 years until I started taking Percocet for pain. I took it for about 15 months and am on day 5 of withdrawal. You helped me today by posting. We are all in this together. Thank you)[/FONT][/COLOR]

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