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[COLOR=Sienna][FONT=Comic Sans MS]Hi Lauren and welcome.
To answer your question what do i do when I'm tempted. If you have hit bottom and asked God to remove the obsession and compulsion to use, He will. That's what happened to me with [B]alcohol[/B], my drug of choice. I could not imagine my life w/o drinking. At times when the craving came back, I would pray and be grateful for everything. I know that may sound silly but it works. Honestly, I rarely had the craving, which is miraculous. I went to AA. I worked the steps. But I relapsed after 3 1/2 years for 9 months. Now I have been sober for 11 years. I got sober when I was 28 and my kids were 4. Now I am 44 and they are 20.

With [B]cocaine[/B], I hit bottom. I got tired of it. I never freebased or smoked crack by the grace of God, I would probably be dead now.

With [B]cigarettes[/B], I went through 2 classes, tapered and then checked off by the hour on a piece of paper. It helped me to see how far I had gone without one. Quitting smoking was the hardest. I had to pray for a long time for the willingness to quit before it made me sick. I quit smoking about 10 years ago. I recently smoked while I was helping my friend move but the smoke bothered me too much so I didn't continue. It was really stupid on my part to even fool around with cigarettes again, but I had forgotten to be grateful.

Now I am on day 7 of percocet-[B]oxycodone [/B] detox. I tapered for about a week. I feel like ****. Yeah a pill would make me feel all better, but I am ready to quit. I have prayed about it and am going to meetings and reading recovery books. I don't crave it. I took it for pain for 15 months but did get high from it and became dependent on it.

I started "partying" when I was 13 or so and I regret it. I missed out on going away to college, learning how to interact socially without a drug or drink, etc. Please quit. If you need help, get it. Call the local counseling agency and see if they charge on a sliding scale, or go to meetings, and definitely pray about it. If you were my kid, I would want you to tell me so that you could get the help you need. I wouldn't be mad.

If you cannot quit on your own, even with a taper, get help. Don't let it ruin your life.[/FONT][/COLOR]

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