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Hello all,

I'm pretty new here, but have been checking this web-site on and off for the past few months. I was snorting Oxycontin for about a year a a half, it got so bad I was up to 5-80 mg's a day. I'm going to spare evryone the reasons and the feelings for doing it. I tried to quit cold tirkey several times and would always make it till about day 5 and go back to the drug to feel "normal" again. Finally I sought the help of an addicition therapist who would not prescribe me sub., he gave me Darvon and colonidine and it was back using within 5 days. I thought i could not go on without the OC's, I would look at people and think "why can't I be happy like them." Before I hit rock bottom, I borrowed the money from a relative to go see another addicition specialist who prescribed me suboxone. I was on Suboxone for 15 days and tapered each 3-4 days. Started on 16mg's for the 1st three days, then went down to 12 for 3 days, then to 8mg's for 3 days, then 4 mg's for 3 days and finally 2 mg's for 3 days. He also prescribed a few other meds. Provigil (for energy), Clonidine, and Ativan (sleep). The first few days off the sub were not the best, but nothing compared to cold turkey. I just wanted to say that in the right hands sub can help a lot of people quit this terrible habit. All of you on this board have helped me through this terrible time and I really appriciated everyone sharing there thoughts, fears, accomplishments, etc. Obviously Suboxone is alone not the answer, therapy and meetings have helped to, they have allowed me to see the root of my addicition. I'm still working through the depression part, but it is slowly getting much better, and I never want to be in that HELL of addicition again. Thanks again to everyone on here, you are truely amazing people...B

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