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[QUOTE=Done with Drugs]:confused: Dear havehadit,

That doc you found sounds like one of the ones who just got into it for the money. Exploiting middle class people who have become addicted. Shame on HIM!

My doc has been an addiction specialist for twenty five years, he is also a Gastroenterologist. (tummy doctor) The initial visit was $80 and the subsequent, once a month visits were $60, well worth it to me. The meds are expensive though as my insurance told the pharmacist that I could take methadone pills instead. They are very concerned with only covering low cost medication, like generic. I have an HMO, in which my doc did not participate.otherwise, the office visits would have been even less.

Look around for another doc., if you need the help after this current try. It's so beautiful outside, go for nice long walks as I feel that helps to replace your own endorphins that your body makes. It hasn't been making any for awhile as you were supplying them to your brains opiate receptors.

Taper down very slowly, in the meantime, exercise, do a hobby, ANYTHING, that will keep your mind focused. If you have a bit of minor withdrawals that include, jumpy restless legs at night, etc. Ask your doc for some Clonidine as it helps someone like yourself who is on a low dose.

Hopefully, your family doc. either is familiar with clonidine for easing withdrawals, or he isn't. If not, ask him to refer you to someone who is, whom hopefully participates with your insurance.

Good Luck and Congratulations on getting back to the real world!

"someones mom" :cool:[/QUOTE]

I did get a hold of a sub doctor who charges 300.00 for the visit and the meds. The nurse I spoke with said that in my case they would give the smallest amount of suboxone for about 10 days and that I would be able to step off of this fairly easy. I have an appointment for tommorrow. I am able to space my three vikes a day out for about 6 hours and after that I start to feel awful. Taking time off of work right now is just not an option for me. I am a 100 % commission salesman and I have a wife and baby boy to support.

I think that I am doing the right thing as this is new to me. I tried the clonidine once before and I was not able to stay awake at my desk and it did little to alleviate wd's. I am kind of between a rock and a hard place right now because I just started working for the company that I am at and I am doing quite well, but they are strict about taking time off in the first 90 days. I know I could quit for good if I could get 3 to 4 days off along with the weekend. But I am not going to be able to do that and I want off of these damn pills.

Thanks to everyone's kindness.


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