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Hi and welcome to the boards. I'm sorry you had to come looking for us. :-(
Anyway, when I was looking for a rehab in 1988 to come off of xanax (one of the more addicting tranquilizers), I did quite a bit of research before I decided on Hazelden in Minn. If I were in your shoes, I would check them out either online or by giving them a call to find out specifically about Ultram withdrawal. I think Ultram addiction is a fairly recent phenomenon, but they are the leaders in the world of recovery and addiction and they would surely be able to help and/or point you in the right direction. There rehab facility is one of the best.
Intrestingly enough, though I have been clean and sober since 1988, I was also prescribed Ultram after several surgerys and a bout with cancer in 2003, (surgery and radiation). I still take a very small dose of it to alleviate pain left over from radiation treatments, where I was severely burned.) I only recently started experimenting with a very slow taper to see what my current pain level is, and have just begun with a reduction of 1/4 of a pill! Thankfully, I have remained on a very low dose, I don't know what your friend was taking,
but stopping abruptly can definitely call sizures, high blood pressure and lots of other very unpleasant symptoms.
perhaps others will chime in with other rehab recs - that was the one that turned my life around.
Best of luck,
Yes Herbal ... Seizures are one of the dangers of stopping Ultram too abruptly, and can of course be dangerous.
High blood pressure is quite common with most withdrawals, especially benzo's. I was put on a blood pressure "watch" during an impatient withdrawal from valium and opiates ... then again in rehab when I was detoxing off xanax.

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