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TooMany: What a terrible experience you have endured with your child trying to commit suicide. No parent should have to experience that fear and pain. The fact that you can experience that and carry on truly shows your strength. I hope you have faith in God to help you through this. I am praying for you.

Mental ill-health and drugs seem to be tied at the hip. Many drug addicts seem to have mental health issues and drug abuse seems to cause or enhance mental health problems. Unfortunately, when mental ill-health and drug abuse are mixed, the results are devastating.

Your sonís doctor should have made absolutely certain that your son had made a full recovery from drugs before putting him on prescription psychotic medications.

Those of us who love an addict and are victims of the madness fear the results of the addictís self-destruction. We fear that the addict will commit suicide (many addicts either talk about or try suicide). How many of you have addicts that also do self-harm like cutting or burning? The scars constantly remind you of the possibility of suicide. If it isnít suicide, we fear that they might overdose or be victims of murder. We also worry that the addict would not take care of their basic needs if we left them alone Ė that they would lay down in a slush puddle and die from the elements.

These fears keep us shackled to the madness of living with addicted teens, adult children, spouses, parents, etcetera.

One thing is for certain; drug addicts are big dark suck-holes that will absorb all the time, emotion, money, and resources you can pour into them.

So, what do you do when you love a drug addict who also has mental health issues? The two seem to be inseparably mixed.

I have great sympathy for people with depression and mental ill-health. However, I have zero tolerance and zero sympathy for drug abuse. Mental illness is a disease. Drug use is a choice. Saying that drug abuse is a 'disease' is a cop-out and an insult to all who truly are afflicted by real diseases that they did not chose.

Drug abuse repels all attempts to address mental health issues. When a person is abusing drugs, talk therapy is useless and drug therapy is dangerous. Thus, in my opinion, a drug abuser with mental health issues is a drug user first and a psych sufferer second.

Until the drug user stops using and is 100% sober, trying to address the mental health issues are absolutely useless.

We all know that for the loved and the forgotten, for the rich and the poor, the cure for the addict remains the same; the pain of addiction has to outweigh the pain of getting clean. The addict is the only person who can pull themselves out of it. We have to allow the pain of their choices force the addict to change.

At the same time, we have to protect ourselves and our families from the giant black sink-holes that addicts create around themselves. We cannot allow ourselves to be sucked into that abyss and be victimized by our love for the addicts.

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