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... s to vicidin, to percocet to straight oxycodone pills and even MS Contin. I ended up hooked on the percocets without realizing it. I spent several years bouncing in and out of a binge type of behavior with the pain pills. ... (31 replies)
... I've decided to cut myself off of norcos and percocets this week! There have been a couple of things that have led up to this decision... first off, I've been dealing with a serious problem with a kidney stone. ... (23 replies)
... ong relationship with Percocet and Lortab. Over the years I have used online script services to keep myself supplied with Lortab and my local doc writes me about 30 percocets every 4 months or so for my headaches. The pills became a way to feel good, normal, at peace. I do feel more at peace and relaxed when they kick in. ... (9 replies)

... m, I was taking 10 Oxycontin 80's per day! Thats 800mg of oxycodone IN ONE DAY. One percocet has 5mg, so if you do the math, I was taking the equivalent of 160 percocets a day. ... (58 replies)
... Thanks for the well wishes on my journey!!! John 3:16 Nice to meet you.Congrats on your 3 days..Thats great keep on keepin on!!!I am taking xanax for anxiety but my doc wouldnt give it to me{ob/gyn}.I bought it from a lady i have known for yrs!I am only taking 2 a day..I wont let myself take anymore!!!I had a hysterectomy 3 weeks ago so i am on alot of herbs..Ihad a rough 3... (3 replies)
Feb 26, 2013
... I used the Thomas Recipe the time I tapered off. I went cold turkey over 30 days ago. It is very freeing. ... (5 replies)
... ff it before all the major pain problems and I was off for 2 weeks with out any problems, and then I started having bad withdrawals again.But I had been on 20 to 30 percocets aday for a little over a year and my Dr told me that the percocet wasn't even out yet. ... (6 replies)
... First, let me say "welcome home"....I'm sooo glad for you. I have been thinking about you, and very glad that things went well. I think you have made a GREAT decision to NOT fill the script. I understand the morphine in the hospital, but I can't believe the Doc gave you a script for Percs right out of rehab. Did the guy not listen to what you said??? I... (12 replies)
... Good morning Counrtywife, Thank you for your kind words :) Yesterday, I was in the hospital - the doc gave me morphine. I managed to tell him I was an addict and had just returned home from Rehab. He said this will not interfere with my recovery. He explained that the pain from a kidney stone "requires" a powerful narcotic (to suppress the pain) so he asked me not to... (12 replies)
... years. I am also a recovering alcoholic and had 10 years of sobriety when i started abusing the percs. I have had periods of sobriety of 9 months, 6 months, and 30 days a couple of times. I have about 37 days of sobriety now. ... (2 replies)
... Well it is only 7 freakin 30 in the morning and ring ring, ring-ring....HE IS CALLING ALREADY!! They know my husband is busy in the morning and isn't "around". They are still up??? I think they've thrown some coke into the mix, i don't know and i don't care...he just isn't taking no for an answer today. I'm gonna have to take my phone off for awhile and see what happens. ... (11 replies)
... Hi Everyone, Oh my gosh, I am so scared. I took my last percocet this morning and now its time to pay the piper! I took my last one at 10:30 this morning. It is now 4:30 P.M and I am already starting to feel the withdrawls. Is this possible? I usually take 1.5 - 2.0 10/325 percocets every 2 hours and not a minuet later! I have already missed 3 doses which would be 4.5 - 5.0... (6 replies)
... ther massive one and I screamed for jesus and scared everyone in the hospital. Finally the doc comes in and says this ia a prescription for a bottle of 30...5mg percocets now go home. ... (17 replies)
... Hi Sammi, Congradulations! I too quit cold turkey on the same day as you. I quit at 10:30 am Sunday morning. I was up to 10 10/325 Percocets a day and quickly losing control. It sounds like you are doing a lot better then I am physically, which makes me a little jealous. I guess I am on day 5, since I did take 3 pills on Sunday. Do you have any withdrawl symptoms today? I... (35 replies)
24 Hrs...
Aug 21, 2005
... Hi Frustrated. I'm a recovering drunk(14 years sober from alcohol). Seven years ago I had a crushing injury to a toe that required surgical pinning. That's where I was first precribed Vicodin. I didn't even realize it made me feel so good until I got the first refill. If my doc would have just given me one script of 30, I wouldn't be here today. For some reason I got the... (17 replies)
Oxycontin is BAD
Jan 18, 2005
... I am in my very early 20's, attend college and I start tomorrow. I also have a little problem, I would like to recieve some helpful advice (I just signed up, cause you guys all seem GREAT! and comfort one another) I also wanna give some those who have never taken Oxycontin... but I do have questions of my own as well. If you've NEVER taken this drug, DONT get... (12 replies)
... during the day. I dropped to the 20s at the start of the month and limited the percocets to 3. ... (0 replies)
... then got 5mg Percocets 5x a day, to taper to 25mgs and I am really suffering. ... (9 replies)
Update on DCV
Feb 9, 2005
... I've just returned from my doctor. Lets see if I can provide a clearer picture, for you both seemed to be quite alarmed over this. I was (am) addicted to percocet. When I first started seeing this doctor, she is a psychiatrist who specializes in addictionology. The first part of my plan was to tapor me off percocets, so for six months I went from about 10 5/325 percocets... (5 replies)
Jul 28, 2006
... I watch a show on A&E "Intervention" and one woman was addicted to Vicodin, taking almost 20 pills a day. She was lying to her husband about what she was doing with the money he would give her for food and stuff. She would buy the pills from an elderly lady. It never said how much a bottle, but I think the street value is $5 a pill. So it can be a very expensive addiction... (12 replies)

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