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Re: Largeman
Jul 8, 2005
It is your lucky day, I am filled with useless information. The song is "what's Up" by 4 Non Blondes. I wonder what peice of important info I lost forever so that I could retain this?

Music...I play guitar (badly) and during the past two years I stopped (cue neighbors rejoicing). I stopped listening to music without even realizing it. My big break away moment was late in to night 4 when I decided to take a drive to get out of my head. I ended up driving longer than I should have (the pain was quite bad) but it felt so good to FEEL music again. Of course now I think every love song is actually a veiled song about drug addiction. All you Norco users, are you telling my the the Coldplay song "Yellow" isn't about Vicodin? I could debate this all day (mostly because I'm holed up with insomnia!).

Since that night I have listen to music non-stop. It has been my constant companion. Oh how badly I want to just make everyone a playlist right now so they could feel some of what I've been listening to. I promise I'll keep my rant on this short though. In your music rediscovery check out a song called "Let Go" the lyrics (which I'd link if I could, stupid firefox) are at:

It felt rather poignant. I'd be interested to hear how many others had this awakening.

Glad to brighten your day, as you have mine. If I can make even one person laugh...well then that person owes me $10. Pay up, it's Hollywood baby.


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