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Re: Cold Turkey
Jul 11, 2005
[QUOTE=Monkey31]I have been taking dihydrocodeine for nearly 5 years now, i am on my first day of cold turkey, which is a day i didn't think i would ever start. Been ok so far, feeling a bit tired, back & forward to toilet etc.
What else can i expect? & How long before i can think about getting back to who i was? I prefer to know what is coming getting a bit anxious not knowing.
Can anyone advise please!!![/QUOTE]

Today is my first day off of Suboxone, after having a 18 month habit of vicodin. I feel about the same as you. Not feeling too bad. But kind of blah and tired and the time seems to be just crawling by.

You will feel achy, flu like, depending on how much you took. Everyone is diffent. But the worst of it is gone in about 4 days. Drink lots and lots of water, take tons of hot showers for the restless leg syndrome and maybe some benydril for the insomnia. You will need some immodium AD, don't get the generic, the name brand Immodium works better for some reason. I don't know why. You may want to try the recipe too. Just remember this will pass, it just takes some time. It's the mental craving that comes back after you beat the physical withdrawal that is the killer.

Good luck,

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