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sounds like you are not on a high enough dose of subtex to me.i really believe that the best way to use the suboxone or subtex is for no more than 2weeks if takes about 2weeks to get all the opiates totally out of the body tissues and if you take the least amount of sub that you can to not have w/ds it will be so much easier to get off the sub cause you have not took it long enough to get truley addicted to it.yes you will get addicted to it very much if you take it for any length of girlfriend had a 15 pill a day habit of hydro 10s and she took the sub for a 2week period and had no trouble at all gettin off the sub,and felt no w/ds from the hydro or sub.if you go over the 2week mark then you might as well count on about 8months of maintence with a can taper down pretty good until you get down to 1mg and less then you start feelin the aches and pains and twitchs.think about this alot before you start the program and i wish you all the best my friend-spark

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