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DON'T GIVE UP NOW!! I am here with you in the same place. I just found this board a few days ago and, although I am too scared to go cold turkey, I have weaned from 10 or more Lortab a day down to 4, maybe 3 starting today. I need to be through the worst part by this weekend if I can because I HAVE to work. I just got a new job from home and I haven't done much. I had a weird thing happen last night. Don't know if it's part of the process, but I went to the store to get ice cream for my daughter and I and I just broke out in this HORRIBLE sweat. I mean it was streaming down my face. I thought I was having a hot flash and thought maybe this is some hormonal thing too, if you are a woman my age I really think it may play a part in here somewhere. I got a Gatorade and drank it down, then got immediately fatigued, laid down and went to sleep. Woke up not feeling so crappy, but that was weird. Knowing my luck I'm probably having a heart attack.

Anyway, I'm just like my thread. I am SCARED TO DEATH of the withdrawals, BUT I FINALLY came to the point where I know I am addicted and don't want to be on these horrible things even if they are prescribed by a doctor. I hate what they have done to me. I'm already depressed and full of anxiety all the time with everything I've gone through lately, so that part I think is what scares me the most, although who knows? The physical part may be the worst for me. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE stay on this board. You are helping others INCLUDING ME by being so brave and sharing this with us. I did laundry yesterday, checked my jeans just for stuff....found 1 dreaded Lortab....and I put it up. I didn't take it! Yeah for me!! I mean, I am still taking some a day, but I am truly pacing them out and only giving myself a few days on each taper off. In a few days, I'll be off....and I'll need people like YOU to come on here and help me, so stay strong and stay on here. I am thinking about you and praying you get through this, ok?

Tracy E

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