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Jul 19, 2005
Hello all,
:confused: I am going through withdrawel and in desperate need of advice. I have been on Duragesic 50 mcg pain patch and percocet 10mg as needed for pain. I am no longer in pain and would like to come off of the pain meds all together. I am currently wearing a 25 mcg (left over from old prescription) and taking percocet to try to control withdrawel. I don't want to take more than necessary and it is difficult to taper using the pain patch. I am going to try to use the percocet to taper off in place of the Duragesic patch. I would be very greatful if someone could tell me the conversion of Duragesic 50 mcg to what mg of percocet. Thank you in advance. :)
Thank you so much for your responces. Unfortunately, I have not been able to get ahold of my Dr. and when I went in to see him yesterday he said that no one had ever given him my message. They only finally got me in after my third call to them. My Dr. likes to write prescriptions if you know what I mean. He doesn't like to listen, he just wants to greet you spout out some rx order and out the door. Well, I wasn't going to allow that this time. I had to tell him like 5 times I want off the meds I am not in pain anymore & NO MORE pain patches I can't function, until he heard me. I asked him about Subutex and he said that he does not prescribe that. Not exaggerating this dr sees 3-4 patients every 15 minutes. You usually end up standing to wait to be seen. My husband thinks it' all about money there and that's why he doesn't have patient care. So, my docter gave me a prescription for percocet 10 mg (to take 4 per day for a week) and activan(to help me through the next couple days). I WANT OFF aloo of this Now! I can't take it anymore, I want my life back. Ever since the dr visit I have not taken any pain meds only the ativan to control my anxiety. I don't want to go back to the dr, I just want off of this stuff now. I feel so horrible and sad and dizzy(from the ativan). Does any one have any advice on how to relieve some of the symptoms and how long will this take? I was on pain meds for about 7 months. Has anyone taken them selves oof the meds with the assistance off ativan? PLEASE HELP! :eek:

:eek: I am having such a hard time right now. I feel like it will never stop. I'm still having the anxiety big-time regardless of the ativan. Now I'm just confused and dizzy on top of it all. All I can do is cry and scream. I just can't handle this! I pray and pray and pray for some relief. 3 days ago I tried to taper myself off of the 50mcg patch and percocet. I got down to yesterday 25mcg and 4 10mg percocets. But I decided enough is enough I want out of ths hell hole. Please if anyone has any advise please don not hesitate I'm desperate.

How are you doing? Any better at all? I read your posts and thought i would jump in and give my 2 cents worth as just a few short months ago i was where you are at right now.

I was all the way up to the 75 MCG patches and also taking percocet or lortab (vicodin) 10/500 for the break through pain. I too decided that i wanted off the patches and told my doctor. So what he did was have me go down to the 50mcg patch and stay on that for a month, then i went down to the 25 mcg for a month, keeping my percocet or lortab dose the same. I them jumped off the patch with the perc/lortab dose staying the same. It was really hard but my doctor also prescribed the Clonodine (that is the blood pressure med that was mentioned in the previous post) to take that helped the hot and cold flashes as well as somewhat relaxes you and helps the restless leg syndrome. You may want to call your doctor and see if he will call you in a script for some to help you out for a few days.

Seeing how i have experienced it first hand, i would suggest to anyone if they are on a higher Duragesic patch than the 25 mcg that they wean down to the 25 mcg patch and stay on that at least a week or two before jumping off cold turkey. As the Duragesic is a very potent and powerful drug, and just getting off the 25 mcg is bad enough, i couldnt imagine jumping off of a 50 mcg patch.

I hope that i have helped at least a little. So if i were in your situation, i would wear a 25 mcg patch for a week or two then jump off while taking the prescribed dose of percocet. I would then slowly wean off the percocet to minimize the withdrawal.

Keep us posted.
Please see another doc asap and get rid of this uncaring idiot.You need a 'real" doc, one who actually listens and cares about his patients.The current doc you are seeing quite obviously does not give a rats a** about you or your situation.If i were you I really would take at least a minimal amount of the percocet to stave off the WDs that you are currently dealing with.You will need to have a clearer(yes it will be clearer with the meds right now than being without them at this point)to get through the steps you need to take to find another doc.i wouldn't trust your current doc with the care of my dog let alone a human will find the right doc for you,it may take a few days though before you can actually see a new one,and with the type of meds you were on, your WDs could get really ugly.Try taking one or two percs throughout your day and see how that does for you.maybe take one in the morning and when you feel the wds are starting to come back full stength again, either take another whole pill or even half of one and see how that does for you.Or if you have to take more right now,try halfing them and taking them throughout the day so you maintain a certain level in your system at all times.this will be the best way to keep you on a more even keel.Once you see this new doc, be totally truthful and forthcoming about your situation and about how stupid your previous doc was,and tell him or her that you need a good taper plan.most docs would jump at the chance to take someone off of narcotics as opposed to the usual act of having to put them on.i really do feel for you and what you are having to deal with.Hopefully your next doc will be the way a doc is supposed to be and take the time with you that you actually need.Marcia
Thank you all so much for your responses! I am starting to feel better but still having HORRIBLE hot/cold flashes Im itching all over and It feels like my skin wants to jump from the inside out. I have been taking several bathes,it helps the itching alot. I would stay in the bath all day if I didn't prune up like a raison. Per Marcia I have been taking half of a percocet here and there which also helps. However, I cannot tell you the last time I slept. I basically turn the bed inside out. Any one have a fix for that?Hopefully not too much further to go I hope. Thanks to you all again, I don't how I would Have dealt otherwise.-cmz
Thank you so much Marcia. You as well as this board has been such a blessing. I did raise the percocet strength a little and it has helped a little. However, the hot/cold flashes and the itching has gotten worse. My skin is really sensitive for some reason.weird. I can't get any sleep for the past couple nights. :yawn: I tried PM meds. and no luck. I'm hoping I'm almost at the end of this. What do you think? and I will definitely try the epsom salts. Do these sound like normal wd symptoms? I'm starting to get a little concerned. Come Monday if the wd symptoms are not subsiding I will definitely call my Primary Care Dr. Thanks again and I will keep posting my progress. :bouncing:
cmz <><
Hello ya'll,
Today my anxiety isn't as bad. However 1am this morning I woke up with such horrible anxiety I couldn't go back to sleep. Sucks cause it's been days before I could even fall asleep. I kept shaking my hands as if trying to get something off of it. I tried walking around the house doing odds and ends hoping that I would tire myself out. No luck. So, finally I gave in and took a regular 10mg percocet. (I have been taking half at a time to keep it to a minumum). 30 minutes later and I was out. I slept until 11:30 am, this was much needed. So, since I have woken up today I have had some anxiety but not to the point that I couldn't sit in one spot (as it has been). The itching isn't as bad but still there. And emotionally I am a disaster. I can't stop crying and I feel so depressed. I should be happy right? I'm getting my life back and moving towards a completely narcotic free life. I will actually be able to comprehend everything and be active.So what's the problem? To be honest I have always battled with clinical major depression and I feel like that's where I'm headed. I'm scared, I don't want to go there. Is this normal for withdrawel? What should I do? I've been taking ativan but all that does is make me drunk. It doesn't change or help with any of my wd symptoms, including anxiety. I will call my PCP tomorrow but am nervous. I used to work as a receptionist for their office and left due to differences with the manager.(She is no longer there either.) A month or two ago I began to become suicidal.(I have just learned is side-effect of the patch). The doctors (gastro dr) still haven't diagnosed me or even seemed to care. I had lost 15 pounds and was falling apart. I only weighed 110 lbs to start with. My husband became concerned and called my PCP's office. They just suggested maybe to go to the emergency room. Did the ER thing a few times but every time they didn't know what was wrong with me and unless I was on my death bed they could not admit me.
Again, a few days ago I was freaking out because of the withdrawals and my husband called my PCP again to see what would help me. She said the only thing she could think of was to go to the ER and have them give me some blood-pressure meds. I wonder why she didn't just call some in? I also feel really lightheaded today. Is this normal? Maybe I should ask for xanax. I had that a year or so ago and it really seemed to help with anxiety at the time. Do you think I should just call and ask her to call in some meds to help me thru this since she hasn't offered to do so herself? Well, tell me what you think. Thanks again you are all so supportive!
I was being treated for chronic abdominal pain. I went to numerous specialist, had surgerys and diagnostic tests with no result. Because my symptoms got worse (constant pain, vomiting, could barely get out of bed most days) they finally figured out it was a Gastro problem, just couldn't pin point it. And they still haven't. However, about 2 weeks ago my doctor prescribed medication for IBS and GERD. 1 week later my pain subsided to a tolerable point. And that is when I got excited and pulled myself of the pain meds. I was initially on lortab, then percocet, and then the patch. Because the Gastro Dr. was taking his sweet time trying to diagnose me (that's a whole another story) my body built a tolerance to opiates. ANd FYI I intially only weighed 107 lbs and am 5 ft. Of course I lost 10-15 lbs when I got extremely ill. So, your right about they should have been able to offer some type of alternative. I'm just glad that I am totally off the patch and can have my life back soon. Oh, and yes, seeing my PCP relieved alot of concerns for me. As like you said, I should have had a doctor helping me thru this in the first place. Thank you again!

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