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Hey Lisa girl!
First of all, please calm down. I know exactly how you feel though. I get absolutely crazy whenever I see someone nodding out! And I have been clean and sober for a number of years now!) For some reason, I feel anger ... jealous of that wonderful oblivion? I hate to be around it. I see it sometimes, when a newcomer still using comes to their first meetings. (AA/NA). It bugs the S*** out of me still! Or someone on the street, or even sometimes on TV. What is it called? Ahh! Euphoric recall!
What I have learned to do, is "think the drink/drug through", Like ... well what happens after "this" high...need another one, don't ya? Off and running once again. Fast forward to how we were feeling just prior to getting clean ... Not pretty, is it? Cause that's where we always wind up, maybe worse this time, you don't want that, not AGAIN!
I think it is normal for an addict to have those feelings on occasion, the important thing is that we don't have to act on it. Today, you have a choice, once you pick up, the choice will be gone! That phenomenon of craving will reappear! That has been my experience.
And....It's perfectly OK to feel that way!
Hopefully your sister's pain will diminish in a day or so, and the pain medication will cease. Normal people can use these meds as needed, unfortunately,we just abuse them.
I'm so glad you knew to come here and reach out~ We've all been through so much together! I haven't been posting very much (at all!) myself, but I just had to holler out to ya! I hope this helps you some Lis~
Keep fighting the fight!
Big hug,

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