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ohiogirl---please don't think you are dumn. you and your boyfriend are both in denial. he hasn't stopped drinking and is not on the road to recovery.his 5-6 drinks is just enough to keep a level of alcohol in his body and keep you happy. trust me it is short lived. there's an old expression"1 is too many but 1,000's not enough" alcoholism is a disease. there is no cure. an alcoholic that no longer drinks is a recovering alcoholic. no one is telling you to leave him but through experience most of us know there is nothing anyone can do but the addict himself . at least try to detach yourself from it for a while and think about yourself. if you can admit he has a problem it might help you to see things more clearly. it has nothing to do with love. we have all loved an addict to no end. love does not cure alcoholism. prayers are with you. let us know how you are.

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