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Hey there, welcome to the board. :wave:

First to answer your oxy vs. hydro question. Oxy is stronger. Also, from what I can tell, more addictive. Please correct me if I'm wrong. I highly recommend that you don't switch, if I'm right, it will be harder for you.

If you can taper, I would taper. I can't taper. Or go the suboxone route. Or c/t. Whatever you have to do. I've only done c/t.

I was given vicodin for back pain and took it for years on and off somehow never noticing that it makes you feel good. Maybe some people have to take it a while to get that effect. Then, unfortunately, one day I noticed, and thus began the buying off the internet, stealing pills from my mother, etc. The last time I took it I took so many because I wasn't getting that deep bliss, that I made myself really, really sick, pinpoint pupils, the works. That was it for me. It gives me migraines and getting that sick finally kicked my craving. (But then I switched to Ambien and am having trouble with that).

Oh, and the lying. Telling my orthopedist I didn't like taking them, was there something else out there for the pain (can't take ultram), ending with a sigh, okay, I guess just refill my vicodin. Spent $1000s buying off the internet.

Withdrawal is bad, don't know how long you've been using, and when reality hits you when you stop it seems overwhelming. It sounds like you are going through a lot right now, and I know w/ my addictions I constantly tell myself, now is not a good time, when I've just gotten past this thing, I'll quit. And truly, there are times when it is really not good to detox. But this stuff you are going through seems long-term, and especially if you haven't been using a long time, it's better to quit sooner rather than later, the longer you use, the harder it gets.

This board was a lifesaver to me when I was detoxing a few weeks ago from Ambien. Not only getting feedback from others, but just reading others' posts who were going through a much harder time, kept me going. (I think my internet being out for a few weeks contributed to my falling off the wagon and why I'm up in the middle of the night :yawn: ).

Whatever you decide, there are many, many people here who've been through it, too, and we're all rooting for you!!

P.S. to proudwife: you should start a new thread, but to answer your question, there's lying, sneaking, hiding pills. If someone is clearly high but denies it (my sister's alcoholic husband does the same), then that's a bad sign. I'm sure others can answer better than I.

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