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Congrtats on your Journey. I havent been on the board in a few months....I actually had to start a new name ( couldn't remember the old password ) but I wanted to reply to your posts.

The addiciton has to end. You know that and are already on your way. I went to an addiction MD and started Subutex. I am down to 2mg a day but still coming off it. If you ever find yourself against the wall it can be an option for you, but after 3 days...I think you are already over the hump. I am a father of 2 perfect boys and self employed. The sub let me keep my life without missing a beat. But, tapering off the sub is still a battle.

the biggest points I wanted to share with you are....keep in touch out here. You seem very clear about not telling ANYONE that you know. Everyone has their reasons but having friends helps SO SO SO much. So If you aren't going to bring your own friends in...use the ones you make out here. Some need them.

ALSO....One of my biggest helps in beating my Percocet and Drinking...was a book called "End Your Addiction Now" by Charles Grant. He is out of NY. The book is easy to read and basically tells you that your body CAN and IS designed to fix itself. I had NEVER in my life put much faith in food, diet, vitamins, excercise or any of that crp...BUT...After reading about 10 books on "how to beat your addiciton"..This one made a LOT of sense...So off to the the vitamin store I went.

I bounced back to feeling good within DAYS...It was UNBELIEVABLE. I only know it, cause I did it. So......find the book, it's worth it on getting through your life drug free and...

Buy yourself Vitamin B.... vitamin C.... A Mineral vitamin..a good one a day..... and take amino Acids Glutamine , Tyrosine ( it worked for me ) and 5HTP ( Tryptophan ). The Vitamin B and Glutamine are big ones.

Maybe you'll try it...Maybe you won't. It worked for me!

Besides all that....CONGRATS on your fight, your decision, and the journey to come. I beleive that friends can help you...but when it really comes down to it... YOU have to beat this thing...

It just stinks that those of us that are here...wound up here....

P - The SharpOne

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