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Hi, everyone, thanks for all the great advice and the support. (that's why I love this board, everyone shares their knowledge and supports one another). Yep, my doc is all about tapering off the clonopin, b/c of the seizure factor I think. And, he just doesn't want me going insane after having this drug in my body for 7 years, then suddenly not having it. What I am scared of the most is the hydrocodone withdrawels. If I am truely honest, I've known for a few years that I was an addict (to pain pills prescribed for minor spinabifida), but it was easier to keep showing up to the evil dr. once a month to get my refil than to admit that I was some sort of junkie who would do almost anything for a pill. God, that seems so pathetic. It IS pathetic. Ok, time to quit and get my life back! No matter how scary, I've gotta do this. I don't know yet what my target date is, cause that is all in my (good) docs hands (if you missed it in my other post, he is my shrink and also and addiction specialist; sent from heaven if you ask me). I think he knows the target date, but doesn't want to tell me, cause he knows how I get about trying to control every little thing. As he told me, he is going to use a bunch of "cheap tricks" to make this as easy as possible. So, I'm just following his instructions to the T. But, still scared!!!! :rolleyes: and kind of in disbelieve that I got myself to this point. :mad: well, thanks everyone, godbless all!

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