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Aug 6, 2005
[COLOR=Magenta]ss[/COLOR]Hi all , I am new to the board and spent the majority of the night reading what many of you have been going thru and my heart goes out to all. I must say I felt compeled to share what I was feeling because I to felt like maybe someone would actually take the time and read what I wanted to say the way that I did last night into this morning. I actually cried when I read some of the post and laughed at some abd related to almost all. I hate the person I have become over the years. I am tormented with being this fake individual that nobody around me knows but that so many people are. I am an addict. An all around ADDICT! It seems as if I have sort of got better with some of the things I use and increased in other areas. I have no idea where to begin because this is the first time EVER EVER that I'm even sharing this. Try to keep up if you can: I started smoking pot at 14 sniffing coke at 16 drinking at 22 smoking ciggs at 22. back injury at 27 popping pills at 28. Now I quit smoking both things doing coke and drinkoing and now Im addicted to pain meds: oxycontin,hydrocodone,oxycodone,percocet and it's making my life miserable!! My mood swings are horrible , some are prscribed and others aren't. there's so much more but I don't want to overwhem everone. I just feel like I want to stop but I dont know how. I've compisated one adiction fro another NOW WHAT!!!!! :confused:

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