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Re: Need Help
Aug 10, 2005
Hey Diva....well my first question you crush/snort/or chew? This will make a very big difference in withdrawal as i have went thru them abusing them and went thru w/d swallowing them.
Either way it is no picnic. The w/d is alot worse than coming off of norco or vikies, in my opinion. You are gonna be VERY irritable, sleepy but yet suffer from insomnia, the runs, twitchey arms and legs....
Oxy w/d is rough no matter how you look at it, and i'm not trying to scare you but i don't want to sugar coat it either.
Have you ever thought about changing your pain med to Methadone? I just had a friend do that and she is doing really, really well. The oxy does help alot with pain if taken properly, but all good things must come to an end. And eventually we know that they won't prescribe oxy to you forever....i am sure they will taper you when the time is right.
Have you ever tried ultram? That is the only thing that worked to get me off of the oxy comfortably. I still wasn't myself, but it wasn't nearly as bad as it usually was w/out it. I seemed to be able to sleep better, but yet it helped me get my butt up out of bed and function a bit. I don't know, i could be giving you some bad advice, but i am just telling you MY experience. You aren't looking to quit for good, am i correct? You ran out a week early and are trying to combat w/d til the next refill. You obviously have chronic pain so i can is like a double-edged sword. I was in several car accidents....MAJOR car accidents where the others in the car either died or are paralyzed, and i was a suvivor but, gosh the pain i live with, it seems to be getting worse. I do have some "woman" health issues as well, so it seems something on my body is always aching. I just want you to know i can relate to having chronic pain AND dealing with addiction.
Well expect a rough week, there is no escaping it. IMMODIUM, gatorade, some benzos if you have them. I am sure you have been thru this before. Oxy w/d is just a little longer and a bit rougher of a ride. Ride it out, it is do-able, i have done it a million times :rolleyes: , promising myself that on the NEXT prescription i wouldn't run out early, or i would just swallow them not chew them....NOT never happened.
So my other suggestion to you is to assess the situation....maybe oxy isn't the best pain med for you....check out methadone, it would be good to be able to kill two birds with one stone, ya know what i mean?
All right, well sorry for the novel ;)
Keep on venting this week, i will keep checking in on you.
lots of luv,

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