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I'm just getting on this board and am trying to kick my hydro habit. How long did you use? How many times did you try to stop? How long has it been for you? Last year, I quit from June 12th through October 25th and thought I had it kicked, but something made me start again. I guess I just have to realize that I can never have hydrocodone EVER. I keep telling myself I'm not that "badly addicted" because I do monitor my dosage and the most I've ever taken in a day is 50 mg - most days I take between 30 and 40 mgs. Today (the first day of trying to "ween" myself, I've taken 23.5 - am trying to make it less each day. I'm not sure where to go for support so I came here. Thanks for your words of inspiration![/QUOTE]


My history of using dates back 20 + years, but it took me about a year and a half of everyday use of norco 10/325 to make me realize I was an addict. When the drugs ran out one time when I was using and didnt realize I was an addict, I got miserably sick waiting on a refil. Then I knew. I stopped cold turkey on Jan. 15th of this year (after a self taper down and preparation) and had a nice run of 90 or so days then had a few brief slips of a day or two of using a small amount of hydro. The W/D wasn't so bad when I was prepared for it, and had a support sytem in place. In my active use of norco I was taking anywhere from 3-5 pills a day and drinking a coople of beers. Not the most horrible amount, but it still totally dominated my life.

I can't seem to put a long time together together clean and sober but I'm working on it, and my clean days far outnumber my using days.

I'm still working on my recovery, and know that I will get to where I want to be.

Good luck to you, and thanks to everyone for the kind responses.


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