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Re: Do I leave him?
Aug 18, 2005
Casey -

My last little tiny bit of advice is this: if you don't understand addiction, take time to educate yourself. It is a thing in our heads that causes us to not say no when it feels so good. I also always said No, till I found lortab/vicodin. That is my drug of choice. It flipped a switch in my brain and I was addicted. But I now know this and there is no excuse. I have the power to not use, I just don't have the power to control myself once I do. There is a big difference. I do believe that it is a disease tho - my body, mind, conscience and all that I am tells me that this is true. But I have the option now that I understand and know about it to say NO MORE. For myself and for my loved ones. I also understand that actions have consequences and that I have to accept mine. But know this - once we realize what we have done, really realize it, we hate ourselves. Absolutely. The depression is the hardest part of recovery for me. The guilt is crushing.

I hope he is serious about it. I would love to hear a great success story. For a couple, go read the posts by Loopman, and by xray7040. They both are beating addictions and have strong wives there helping them. It is truly an inspiration to watch that happen for these two guys, as they are special to me and my brothers in this.


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