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Greetings 41. Day 10 begins for me. As I said in my own personal thread. Last week was pure hell. Called in sick last Monday, had Tuesday off, dragged my butt into work Wed, Thurs, and Fri, with the major WD's. It sucked so bad, but I lived. This week I am on vacation, which is so great. Night nine I actually slept a little bit better. I too just looooooved........ taking Vicodins at work. When I go back to work on Monday, I will have two weeks under my belt. You mentioned not eating while taking Vics. It's funny becasue so many people get upset stomachs, while taking them, where as I actually got the munchies when I took them, like when I used to smoke pot. They made my stomach feel real good. It's so weird being on vacation without seeking my bad habit, and yet it's so great. One beauty of my life is that I tried an Oxycontin once and didn't care for it at all. Now that little pill did make me nauseaous, so I never had a problem with those. It was Vicodens and Percocets for me. Well 41, you got me by a few days and I know we both can do it. Do you have a legitamate pain issure or are you like me, and just were doing it for the great feeling? It's funny becasue Vicodins never really gave me a buzz, but just gave me energy and a sense that everything in life is A OK, except of course after they wear off and you keep needing more. Why does the bottle say take two every 6 hours, yet the good feeling only lasts between one and two hours?

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