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jkhopeful, is 100% correct concerning the milligrams apap (acetaminophen) in the Hydrocodone meds. The maximum amount that should be consumed in a day to avoid liver damage is 4,000. That's why so many people prefer the Hydros that are 10/325 or 10 mg of Hydro and 325 mg of apap. For many years I did the Hydro/Perc thing and then I started having some true issues with my health as I got older. After a period of time on the short acting meds (Hydrocodone or Percoset) my doctor switched me to Oxycontin. Oh boy, my tolerance went through the roof and before I knew it (actually about nine months) I was up to 160 mgs TID (three times a day). That's 480 mg of Oxy a day, or 96 regular strength (5 mg) Percoset a day! Incredible, but true.

I did the whole gamet (well, almost), even Duragesic patches, which are so strong they're measured in Micrograms, not milligrams. I was using a 100 mcg patch every two days.

I am now on Methadone for pain and because of the tolerance factor, I take 180 mg a day of the Meth. That figures out to 540, 10 mg tabs a month. I don't think I've run across anyone of these boards that is taking more the 150 mg. The thing with Meth, is it attaches to almost all the pain receptors in the brain and that way other meds can't attach. This means you can take as much of other meds as you want and you will not get high. Methadone doesn't give a high either, but it just kills the pain or as much as you can get from the drug.

I just wanted to jump in and let all that posted and are having a tough time, consider yourself lucky. I pray the day will not come when for whatever reason, I have to detox from the Methadone. That will be something I don't even want to think about.

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