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Well on Sat. Aug. 27th I confronted my wife about my missuse of My Suboxone I was at 20 mg. a day started a rapid 2 day taper (Basically-Stopped) 4 mg. a day so on the 27th sat afternoon we took me to detox what a joke all they did was doped me up on libriam? I don"t know what it is but wow it puts you in a deeeeep foooog :eek: so on monday I quite taking it in detox and walked out I thought I was fine???? Today 9-06-05 I am up and about very little energy I would not advise this methed to "Any" one it has been the worst week of my life W/D"s were terrible I finially was able to go to sleep last night first time in 5 days after libriam wore off I was just starting to withdrawls when I checked myself out of detox I took about 4-5 HOT!!!! Showers a day and layed in bed and sweated it all out and had terrible leg cramps I lost 14 lbs. And the head games withdrawl has on you Wow I will never -ever take another pill it is not worth the chance that my adictive persinality would get hooked again I would not wish what I have delt with in the last week on my worst enemy!!! Don"t get me worng Suboxone is a wonder drug that saved my life from vicodion but get on it and start a fast taper and get off it it is as adictive but not as harmful as the vicodion or your drug of choice!!! But it goes to show all you out there I am the hardest headed person there is and I put it in my mind to stop and the worse is over every day I feel more like a normal human ...COLD TURKEY "SUCKS" But one way or another we all know there is a time you just have to suck it up and deal with the pain and get the support you need I don"t care if it is-N/A,Your higher power-or in my case the wife packing my bags and telling me to not come back :nono: ????? IT CAN BE DONE I DID IT !!!!!!!!

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