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First, you have been very strong. Congratulations on sticking to your guns.

Karen, it sounds like your son is setting you up for more manipulation. He is telling you exactly what you want to hear with the job thing. He is going to the doctor - and he wants you there. Ya, right. He is sucking up to you and pulling at your heart strings. An adult male doesn't need his mommy to go with him to the doctor. Karen, be careful. My personal opinion is that you have a good chance to frost him out right now, but you MIGHT still being a little bit soft. Karen, I love ya momma, and I have to tell it to you straight. Watch out and don't be manipulted. Remember, these addicts are masters at manipulation.

Also, providing him with a cell phone is absolutely the wrong thing to do. The cell phone is a drug addict and drug dealer's #1 tool of the trade. If he was on probation, one of the first rules would be is he would not be allowed to have a cell phone. There is a reason for that. In fact, I am surprised the drug rehab people did not tell you that. When our son went to rehab, that was the first announcement the councellors told the parents - take the cell phone away from the kids and don't give them back.

PARENTS!! If your kids are using drugs, DO NOT GIVE THEM A CELL PHONE!! A cell phone is one of the most drug enabling things on the planet next to cash and a good supplier.

The sad reality is that as soon as you cancel your son's phone service, he will go out and get another phone. Strange that he won't have money for food or lodging, but he will get a phone - watch.

Good luck, my friend. You know we are all pulling for you. This is not easy for any of us.

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