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Hi everyone! I stumbled accross this forum in my search for guidance and thought maybe someone here could help me. Here's my story:
I am a married 28 year old mother of a 7 month old baby. I have a strange form of arthritis that has escalated ever since I became pregnant. I was put on percocet and vicodin for the last 2 months of my pregnancy (thank God it had no effect on my daughter) and have been on it since. I have had 2 surgeries on my wrists (called de Queres Vanes release) and will be having a lateral release done on my middle and ring finger of my left hand on Sept. 15. When this is all over, I feel I should be in a lot less pain and can no longer justify using narcotics for pain. I am taking 10 or more hydro 750's a day now, have been using daily for 9 months. By the time the pain of the operation is gone, it will be about 10 1/2 or 11 months daily use. I WANT TO STOP BEFORE THIS GOES ANY FURTHER! I am afraid, however to experience the WD's after such a long period of dependency. I do plan I discussing this with my MD but he is the kind of guy who would put me on oxycontin for the rest of my life and think nothing of it. What I would like is for someone to advise me on the best way to quit. Should I try to step down or go cold turkey? When I try to decrease my dose now, it just seems like I'm prolonging the agony of the WD's. I have been told by someone that I should ask my MD for valium or xanax or ambien to help me through the WD's. Is this a bad idea? Is there anything NON ADDICTIVE I can take during "Hell Week" that will help me with pain and skin crawling and sleeplessness and .... well you get my drift. I have set my stop date at Nov. 15. I just want to be as prepared as possible. Any advice is greatly appreciated!

Thanks! :confused:

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