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Re: I need help!!
Aug 28, 2005
I too am a heathcare worker, who developed a bad Vike habit. I am 14 days clean, and I finally feel normal again. I have posted this fact many times in other threads. In my case the WD's from Vicodin paled in comparison to the WD's I had when I detoxed from alcohol(14 years ago, haven't had a drink since). That doesn't mean that they didn't suck. I came off a week long 90 pill bender when I finally quit. My first day of WD's were like having the stomach flu. I spent all day in bed and on the toliet. My body ached so bad for a couple little pills. As far as getting a decent nights sleep goes, it took me about 12 days before my sleep became normal. Before that each night my skin was crawling, and my body twitched and tossed and turned all night long. I agree with Joe K. You must feel this pain of the WD's to keep you from going back.
I am so happy for the freedom I have given myself freeing myself from the habit. You mentioned all the energy it takes getting your next batch of pills. The deception to others. As I have said I would deceive my fellow Vike heads, because I didn't want any of them to know how bad my habit had gotten. It's funny working at the hospital, when I had to x-ray patients in the ER, many would bring in all their medications in a huge gallon size Zip Lock bag. As I was setting up for to take the x-ray, my eyes were always deverting to that big bag of meds, checking for Vikes. So many elderly patients would bring in these huge beer can size pill bottles of Vikes, and leave them on the counter. I must admit I never gave in the temptation of snatching a few, but I sure was tempted many times. For me it was just getting impossible to fuel my ever increasing need. I too was getting to the point of needing at least ten a day, for a good day. Every time I would drive by a drug strore, I would always think, "Oh to just have all the Vicodins in there." We have a huge busy ER, and so many times you can hear the doctors through the curtain say to the patients, "Well I am going to give you a prescription for Vicodin for pain." and I would think, "That lucky B*****D." It's just you get to the point where your thinking becomes all about Vicodin, every waking moment. I have freed myself from that, and you can too. With me I only had to miss one day of work because of the WD's, so you can still do your job, without missing too much work, but that first week at work sucked for sure, but I will have that memory, to inspire me not to use again.


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