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Help if you will??? I think my mom is a pain med seeker. Percocet of choice. This happened accidentally, and she has been detoxed for it (3 days only). She was like the devil himself. Ok, now after about 2 months, I find out that she has 2 different doctors giving her more, she's been to the ER 4 times in the last week, and has received something there. She complains of stomach pain constantly, but no problem has been found. Although, on Monday, the ER told her she has gastritous. Go figure!!
Doesn't pain meds cause abdominal problems? I'm at a lost here, but I feel she is just seeking pain meds. What are some W/D symptoms from Percocet? She also complains that she feels funny in her head. She also, has been taking Klonopin and antidepressants for the last 10yrs. My dad said that here lately she has been taking up to 10 klonopin a day. (she told me that she doesn't take it all the time)
I haven't talked to her since Sunday because I'm so disappointed and afraid that she is addicted to the percocet again. She gets very defensive when you question her. She's also been given Vicodin. These doctors really piss me off!! They know about her being detoxed, and still are prescribing. (we had her committed against her will for the percocet, and she still hasn't gotten over that yet) Sorry for babbling, and bouncing back and forth, but I'm upset. I guess what I'd like to know is what to look for in her that might tell if she is abusing, and what withdrawals she might be experiencing. I think the W/D is why she continues to go to the E/R, because they never find anything wrong with her.

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