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[QUOTE=mickey56]I have been on 4/day 5mg vicodin'd for 6 weeks.A few days did not use at all but pain has been rough.Now getting much better and wanted to know if I will have a problem with just ending it.I still have about 6 leftover-only took 2 today.Any advice? One good buddy says no prob-low dose etc.Still curious. Thanks.[/QUOTE]

hiya my friend, vicoden if you break it down chemically just like percocet or darvon of oxy contin all chemical breaks down to herion, stoping cold turkey wont hurt you , if u feel u r having a problem with it, and needd to kick truth be tolld u could do it in the gutter if u were to go in treatment they would goive u kolonidin for ur bloodpressure and tell you to take lots of hot showers to ease any muscle aches and so fourth but it wont have an y harmful medical side effcts the biggest thing is getting past the feeling of bugs crawling on ur skin and mental anguish and abvdominal pain which is all (every bit of it0 created in our minds so if ur not an addict as i am u will not suffer these consequences

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