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hi, first let me say i am no expert . I was also addicted to painkillers, more advanced than vicodin - I was taking oxycontin (3 -4 80 mg ) pills a day. Prior to that I also took vicodin and percocet. Suboxone works to get you off opiates. I went to an addiction specialist ( now on my second addiction spec)
The first day on sub was rough ( for me) although not all have a problem.
I tried to go through a rapid detox on sub and come off within 2 weeks , it didnt work , I went into severe w/d's. Your body has to adjust to the right dose of sub and from what I understand you taper off and everyone is different. I couldn't do it alone and I am still on the sub ( been on since july 15) and trying to taper off. I have learned there is no easy way out. If I had to do it over again - I would have probably checked into a really good rehab and gotten it over with already. I understand you have to research that also - my doctor told me not all rehabs are good. I will keep you posted as I go. I give you credit for trying to become drug free , thats what we are all here for and to support each other. Any other questions, feel free to ask and I will try to help as much as I can.The suboxone saved me from oxy's and that is where I am at right now. Legnth of time on sub varies from person to person . You may be able to get off them sooner because you were not using as much as I was . As far as w/d's from suboxone, some people have w/d's and some don't (from what I've read) I chose this route because the addiction doctor advertised a comfortable detox from day one.
I believed it . ( it works once you adjust ) but it wasnt completely comfortable for me the whole time . I really didnt know what else to do, I couldnt go cold turkey & I thought I could do this and still function from day one ( unfortunately that wasnt exactly the way it went) It took me awhile to get back to work . ( I wasnt sick - but wasnt myself) I hope I didnt confuse you too much. This got more wordy than I planned - hope I answered some of your questions. :angel:

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