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Re: Please help
Sep 14, 2005
Your post really saddened really sorry to hear your in the "thick of it"..but some GREAT are acknowledging the fact you have a problem..and thats the big first step.
From your post..i really felt deeply you need support..and could go to an AA meeting the next town or 2 from complete anonymity.
I think AA would be a great place to start..and no one would know.
You can find a sponser..and be able to really start working the steps..for alcoholism..AA-has an excellent results..a dear friend of mine was drinking up to 3 pts. of straight vodka a day..she had been drinking since her teen years-she is now in her 40s.
It progressed over the yrs.and when she lost her job..she plummeted.
I took her to an AA meeting after she got out of detox..and guess what..she found a grp. outside her hometown and has been clean for 2 yrs!!!
You can do this!!You need to reach deep inside..and know you got the are not happy w/ booze..not happy w/out.
The boredom is all-encompassing..i know what your talking about-when id clean up-i felt completely empty/bored/depressed..lost.
Cos-thats how we derive our peace..calming those our head that scream "feed Me"...(that is your personal lil monster talking)..
Cognitive behavioral therapy for addicts/alcoholics is also extremely helpful-
you could seek private counseling..again totally confidential..
There are options-there is also a new med-for alcoholism-that helps slow down can drink on it-so its nothing like antabuse..but it helps reduce cravings and along w/ therapy could be very benificial-in getting sober..
Id like to help-and you know this board is excellent support-but you need some contact..real people around you to help.
Can you discuss this honestly at all-w/ your husband?
It really would help-
ggrl :angel:

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