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My fiance found this website for me. She is very involved in NA. We have both been snorting oxycontin for approximately 6 months, anywhere from 80mgs to 800mgs a day. For the last 2 months I would say I average 160mgs-200mgs a day. I've been using opiods for 1 year now. Before the oxycontin I was using morphine, percoset and vikodin, or whatever I can get. Since she works in the medical field, availability is easily assessible, and I went overboard. Now i'm addicted. I've cut down a lot, and I'm ready to detox. I'm so sick of O.C. controlling my life in every way, i'm sick and tired of counting pills, i'm sick of it all. I'm starting my detox Sept. 16. I will only take O.C. by mouth, I plan on doing this until Sunday, then I'm completely going to go cold turkey. My fiance will monitor me, however I asking the help of the board as well. I'm going to need help. I'm serious about this. This is it for me.

thank you,


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