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wrongpath, I think first you have to really make your mind up, Is that life what you really won't, Are you truly happy, are you being the person you really won't to be... If the answer is no. Then I would have to tell you to do some soul searching, and dig deep in side of you , It is possiable to live a life with out drinking / drugs and be happy.. Life is only one time, Think about what I have said, Don't wake up one morning an old lady still reaching for somthing to make you high, Go take with a counsler that can help you begain the steps, back to this freedom. And keep talking here it will give you streath and support, As far as the pills, and taking them from reading on here, NO< NO< NO...... as far as buying on line how do you know it won't be a Cop, or some crazy just getting your money, Leave it along you have enough to deal with, and Hon your boyfriend sounds like he has problem his self,. You need to pray about this, and ask your higher power to help you over come this......... There is a wonderful life with out drugs or drinking, believe me, is life really so wonderful now? Felicia

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