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Please be patient as I ask some probably stupid questions. I am currently taking between 60-80 mg of percocet per day which comparatively speaking may not seem like alot, however it has went from 30-40 only three months ago so I know am heading down a dangerous path. Any how I greatly admire those of you who have done it cold turkey you all have unbelievable strength, however I know I would not be able to resist in those first couple of days. I am planning on a short term sub detox and have many questions, any help you could give me would be GREATLY APPRECIATED
1. Twelve hours into w/d day 1 sub relieves all symptoms?
2. Does it truly suppress the cravings?
3. WIll I most likely be prescribed other meds as well
4. How long (or hopefully short) a period of time will I need to be on the sub before I can completely "jump off" with minimal side effects.

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