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I think he is probably underestimating a little bit but you should realize that you are not on a massive dose of oxy. 60-80 is about 1/2 of my top level (granted it was hydro but close) and I went into sub on about 120mg hydro. That was 2 years ago. :nono:

My best advice is this: assuming you stick with the subutex or suboxone and take your 4-8mg/day or whatever he thinks you should be on (I would think 6-8 mg or so would be enough for you on your history), you'll be fine but the number 1 thing I have learned is GET OFF SOON. Do not stay on the sub for 6 months or a year. It is not easy to come off like he'll probably tell you. It is easier than methadone but not a ton easier.

It's half-life is forever and take weeks to get out of your system. Meaning a moderate taper is better than a really slow one.

You'll be fine. But tell him you don't want to be on for a long time. You want to detox and get healthy but you are not looking for a long maintanance experience and a year on this crap.

It works, though. A lot easier to come down in dosage than oxy or hydro because you don't get high and it lasts more or less most of the day.

And don't freak. You will be fine. I was in much worse shape and am almost off the sub now. We can all do it.
steve my man congrats on takin the first step to gettin clean.i will offer a few thoughts on the suboxone as ive been on it two different times now.1st in 03 2nd in 04-05.if i were you try to get by on no more than 4mgs and if this is not enough you can always take more.less is better with this stuff.also i would most definetly not stay on the sub any longer than 2weeks if possible 3weeks max.the longer you stay on sub the harder it is to get off.the best way to do it and i dont care what the drs say is to stay on it just long enough to get the hydro/oxy out of your system and this takes about 2weeks and after the 2weeks is up your body has not had enough time to get addicted to the sub and you can just stop and not have to worry about a long taper and feelin bad for long periods of time.this is the easiest and best way to do girlfriend did it this way in 03 and it worked like a charm.she had no w/d symptoms at all after the 2weeks were up.even if you stayed on it for 3weeks it would still be okay but go any longer than that and you will have to be it for a longer period to time and do the long taper thing and it is not good trust me.both times i was on sub i was on it for 8-10 months and tried to taper down over a long period of time and it never worked for me always went back to usin just felt to bad and i also had to work will have to make your own choice and i wish you the best-spark

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